Docusery the introduction of Radniroo - 2023

Docusery the introduction of Jahad Nasr Kerman - 2023

Radniroo company performance report - until July 2023


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Our goal is to not have any human and environmental damage and to eliminate the negative effects of health, safety and environmental issues (life and financial losses) from energy sources in the form of a comprehensive management system. In order to achieve this goal, his policy...

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Considering the current critical situation, more than ever before, the country needs double work and effort for growing growth and development, so the extensive and comprehensive activity of the private sector in speeding up industrial projects and completing them as quickly as possible is of great importance. has In this regard, Rodnero Industrial Designs Company is active in the construction of oil and gas transmission lines in various projects throughout the country, especially in the southeast, by using expert and efficient workforce and having specialized equipment and machinery. In 2009, this company designed and produced single-phase and three-phase digital and multi-tariff meters with the cooperation and transfer of technology from Zera, Germany, and Austinco, Canada.